Changing a Flat Tire on Your Vehicle with Ease

Don't be left stranded because you don't know how or have the tools to change a flat tire. Just be sure your vehicle has a good spare tire, jack, and lug wrench each time you leave the safety of the house.

Move the car on the rim if needed to get off the roadway to a safer location to change the flat tire. Loosen the lugs on the flat tire only slightly, then jack the car high enough so the tire clears the road. Loosen and remove the lugs and remove the flat tire and set aside.

Place the spare tire on to the lugs, secure with lugs and tighten only until the tire is secured to the brake drum or rotor. Lower the vehicle, tighten the lugs, and make your way to the a trusted service station. Keep up with tire rotation appointments at McLaren Scottsdale so we can spot any issues that could lead to a tire blowout.




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