What is An Infotainment System in Your Car?

An informed car buyer will usually get a far greater value out of their car because they can use it to its maximum potential. That is why we here at McLaren Scottsdale located in Scottsdale, AZ want to be sure you know all about the many features of an infotainment system.

An infotainment system is typically a touchscreen located in the dashboard of a car. 

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Dealing with Sun While on the Road

With summer in full swing, many drivers are noticing the inconvenient effects of driving into the sun glare. Although you cannot control Mother Nature, drivers can take a few steps designed to reduce the hazards of driving directly into the sun. Investing in a pair of polarized sunglasses can help drivers to see the road more clearly. 

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Get Your Vehicle Back to School Ready

Although summer is in full swing, the busy back to school season will be here before you know it. Make sure your vehicle is ready for this transition by taking care to keep up with basic maintenance. Knowing your vehicle's standard maintenance schedule and adhering to these recommendations can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Ensure that your vehicle is ready for any adventure with a myriad of available organizational systems all designed to keep clutter at bay. 

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Changing a Flat Tire on Your Vehicle with Ease

Don't be left stranded because you don't know how or have the tools to change a flat tire. Just be sure your vehicle has a good spare tire, jack, and lug wrench each time you leave the safety of the house.

Move the car on the rim if needed to get off the roadway to a safer location to change the flat tire. Loosen the lugs on the flat tire only slightly, then jack the car high enough so the tire clears the road. Loosen and remove the lugs and remove the flat tire and set aside. 

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How Automotive Batteries Handle Extreme Temperatures

The battery under the hood of your vehicle carries out simple chemical reactions that involve lead and sulfuric acid. The output is determined by the relative concentrations of the electrolytes within the battery cell. Over time, the performance of the component declines due to natural wear and tear. However, extreme temperatures could speed up the deterioration of an automotive battery.

For example, heat tends to lead to the evaporation of ions inside the cell. It might be necessary to add some water to maintain the proper fluid level in the reservoir for the electrolytes.


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Signs Your Brake System Needs to be Repaired

The one unique thing about the brake system in your car is the brake pedal can give signs that trouble is about to occur. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for with your brake system.

Air in the brake line is a bad thing and can cause the brakes to fail at high speeds. If the brake pedal feels soft, get the car in for servicing before you find out you don't have the ability to bring your car to a stop.

If the lines of the brake system are rusted or damaged, brake fluid…

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Learn More about the Importance of Horsepower

We are accustomed to judging the power of the engine of a vehicle by the amount of horsepower it has. For most of us, this is a vague measure of how fast the car will go and how quickly we can get the car up and go from a standing start.

Of course, this is all true, but the true origin of the term horsepower is an interesting one. In the 18th century, the famous inventor, James Watt needed a way to sell steam engines to his customers so he came up with a measuring standard based on the work…

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Why You Need to Know About the Slow Down & Move Over Laws

There is a set of laws in most of North America, and all of the United States called the 'Slow Down & Move Over Laws' that have been put into place around 2007, depending on the state. According to polls done by Mason Dixon Polling & Research as well as the National Safety Commission, 71% of Americans don't know about these laws.

The laws were put in place to offer some additional safety…

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Do You Know How to Fix a Flat Tire?

Flat tires are common, and knowing how to change a tire could prevent you from getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. To replace a flat, you will need a lug wrench, tire jack, spare tire, crowbar and wheel chocks or blocks. Engage the emergency brake and put the blocks or chocks on the opposite tires from the flat.

Locate your tools and loosen the lugs. Jack up the car under the flat tire. Remove the lugs, wheel, and tire. Slip the new tire on, put the wheel in place and replace the lugs. Consider practicing this, so you're…

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Powertrain Warranty vs. Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

If you get a powertrain warranty, do you know what's actually being covered? With a powertrain warranty, you are typically covering the most expensive parts of the vehicle to replace. This means your engine and transmission. However, your warranty may cover less or more depending on the dealership. You should check with the dealership before signing anything and make sure that the essential components of these two areas are covered.

With a bumper-to-bumper warranty, you are getting more coverage for what's inside the car and between the bumpers.

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