How to Prevent Motion Sickness

A road trip is only fun until someone in the family gets sick. There are ways that you can prevent motion sickness from ruining your next family adventure.

There are drugs out there that are made to help fight off motion sickness and they may be effective for some, and there are also more natural remedies available if that interests you.

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What Are Cabin and Engine Air Filters?

Cabin and engine air filters are responsible for improving air quality inside the vehicle. The cabin air filter cleans air inside of the car whereas the engine air filter is for purifying air that goes to the engine. It ensures the engine can perform at its peak and optimizes fuel combustion.

How often you need to change the air filters depends on your driving habits and the specific make and model of your car. 

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October Newsletter

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Monterey Car Week Recap
October Parts and Service Specials

Thank you for reading McLaren Scottsdaleā€™s monthly newsletter. We've created this to provide our clients with a bespoke update for all things McLaren, such as upcoming events, local drive plans, updates from Woking, inventory updates, and service, sales & parts specials...
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