Payment Calculator McLaren Scottsdale

* These calculations are for reference purposes only. All figures are estimates only and are not guaranteed as accurate. Always consult a professional financial advisor.

Using the Payment Calculator Tool

At McLaren Scottsdale, we know how stressful the car financing process can be. With so many questions about credit, loan amounts, and complicated terms, it can be easy to lose sight of what's important: you. For this reason, our finance team works hard to provide our customers with the tools they need online to make important decisions before they even come into the dealership.

To get started at home and save time on the financing process, take advantage of our online finance application and trade valuation tools to get a better sense of how much money can be put towards your new car. Next, use our online Payment Calculator tool to estimate the monthly contributions and rates you can afford.

How to Use the Online Payment Calculator Tool

To get started with the calculator tool, simply enter the price of the vehicle you've been looking at. This price should take any special, deal, or incentive applicable into account. Next, you will have to put in a value for the down payment you can afford. The calculator is flexible and will recalculate each time you add a new value so that you can see how high you are comfortable going. After this, think about the financing rate (APR). It is auto populated in the form as 6.9% but may change depending on your credit standing and financial background. If you are unsure how to estimate a new percentage, simply use the 6.9% rate as it's given. The last step is choosing a term length from one year to 7 years. The lower the term length, the higher the estimated monthly payment will be, so configure it to whatever value you think you can afford.

When you are done entering values, the payment calculator will populate a graph so you can track payments with different terms.

Need Help?

For any questions about the payment calculator, call today and one of our dealership employees would be happy to assist you.

The best way to go over finance options is often in person, so if you're near Phoenix, Mesa, or Tempe, and you're ready to meet with a member of our team, make the short drive to our Scottsdale lot at your convenience and we can get the ball rolling.