McLaren Scottsdale Team Members

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  • CJ Wilson
    Dealer Principal, Owner

    CJ is an avid McLaren fan and racer.   He owns CJ Wilson Racing which has won two championships and finished 2nd in two more championships across 3 levels of Professional Racing.    Having owned the infamous "HyperBlurple" P1, he's an avid instagrammer as well.   CJ owns car and motorcycle dealerships in 3 states and is also an avid KTM/BMW rider on and off road.

    "My dream drive in a McLaren?   Through the alps in a 675LT spider- top down, traction control off, I'd have no tires by the time I got to the end"

    Favorite McLaren-  F1 Longtail GTR

    Top 3 All Time Cars-  F1, P1, Carrera GT

    Instagram:   @cjwilsonphoto and @mclarendad

  • Jared Lowell
    Sales Manager

    Jared has worked in the auto industry for the past 15 years, exclusively in the specialty, exotic and luxury sector -  including Aston Martin, Lotus, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Lamborghini.

    Favorite McLaren:  675LT Coupe.   "It's ridiculously fast, delivers incredible feel, and still has enough daily usability with great storage space, awesome ride quality, and good efficiency (if you keep your right foot on a shorter leash!)"

    Favorite Cars of all time
    "That's an impossible question to answer, but the front-runners would include basically any pre-'74 Porsche 911 (is that cheating?), Ferrari 275GTB, 'mid-year' (1963-1967) Corvettes/Series I Jaguar XKE, which I roughly equate to each other. Ask me next time you see me, and I'll explain."

    instagram:  @jlowell

  • Krystian Gawlak
    Aftersales Manager

    Krystian Gawlak, was born in Poland and raised in Chicago. He has been in the car industry "officially" for 10 years.  As a child, was always in the garage taking cars apart and putting them back together.   During high school, worked at a local performance shop  . After high school and automotive school, started working for BMW and stayed there until graduating college. Moved to Arizona in 2012 and came aboard with McLaren.   

    "I hold McLaren to the highest regard, and working for this brand has helped me reach new levels in my profession. Here I have received the best training's and have met some true car enthusiasts who are intrigued by McLaren as much as I am. The best is yet to come!"

    Favorite McLaren: McLaren F1LM.

    Top three favorite cars:  McLaren F1, BMW M3, and Fiat 126P. Yes, you read the last one right.

    :   @krystiangawlak

  • Jonathan Romero
    McLaren Service Technician, P1 Certified

    Began his automotive career with BMW in 2000, later making the ultimate move to McLaren in 2014. 

    "With the F1 topping my list of favorite cars, I find a new McLaren to add to it just about everyday. The P14 isn't officially out yet, and it's already a favorite! "

    Outside of McLarens: a few other classics he admires would be the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, Shelby Cobra 427 S/C, and of course BMW 3.0 CSL.

  • Nick Mahalak

  • Michael Manning