Different Ways to Rotate Your Tire

November 30th, 2019 by

When thinking about rotating your tires, you have to think about the different tire rotation patterns to utilize. The best type of rotation pattern for your vehicle is going to be dependent on what vehicle you are driving. Fortunately, you can easily learn about the different types of rotation patterns.

One of the rotation patterns is the Rearward Cross. This is where the rear tires are moved to the forward axle but kept on their same side of the vehicle. However, the front tires are moved to the opposite side of the axle and their front position of the vehicle.

There is the forward cross which is pretty much the opposite of the rearward cross. Then there is the X pattern where all of the tires are placed on the opposite side of where they were in the previous configuration. You can look up information on your vehicle to get the best tire rotation pattern.

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