It Pays to Know How to Jump Start Vehicles

February 19th, 2019 by

Here at McLaren Scottsdale, we work hard to help our customers and other drivers stay safe and sound as they travel. One important skill that it is key for drivers to have is the ability to jump-start their vehicles if and when necessary. By following several simple steps, drivers can safely and effectively refill depleted batteries.

To begin with, the vehicle that will be providing the electrical current should be parked nose to nose with the broken-down vehicle. Doing so allows the cables to easily reach from one battery to the other. Brakes and transmissions should be secured. Next, the individual in question should begin by locating the positive and negative terminals on both batteries. Positive terminals are usually marked with a "+", and they often also have red coloring on their terminals.

Once drivers have identified the proper terminals, they should begin by connecting the red clip on the jumper cables to the positive terminal of the dead battery. The other red terminal should connect to the positive terminal on the repair vehicle. Following this, drivers should connect the negative terminal on the repair vehicle to the black or negative jumper cable clip. Finally, drivers should connect the remaining negative cable to the frame or other out-of-the-way metal component on the broken-down vehicle. During this step, drivers should be careful to avoid placing the cables in the way of any moving objects.

To complete the process, the driver of the repair vehicle should start the engine and allow it to run for some minutes. This action will allow the repair vehicle to send electricity to the depleted battery. After a few minutes of this, the depleted battery should be full enough to allow it to start the distressed vehicle.

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