What Is A Backup Camera And Why Is Having One Essential?

September 27th, 2019 by

Although rearview mirrors serve a very important function, like all other automotive mirrors, they always result in blind spots. This is certainly the case when it comes to people and other obstructions at the rear of the vehicle that lies just below the window line. If you're backing up using your rearview mirror alone, you can easily miss a small child playing right behind you, a kneeling adult who's stopped to tie a shoe, discarded bicycles and other toys, and anything else that's been haphazardly strewn about. At McLaren Scottsdale, we know just how important it is for drivers to have a clear understanding of their vehicles' safety features, and of the benefits that these features are meant to provide.

The value and importance of backup cameras have been recognized by legislators. As such, all cars manufactured after May 2018 are legally required to have these additions. Designed to transmit a mirror image of the terrain that lies behind you, this sophisticated technology will allow you to take the evasive action that's necessary for avoiding serious accidents. With backup cameras installed, Scottsdale, AZ motorists can rely on clear, on-screen guides to safely and successfully navigate their automobiles in reverse.

Backup cameras aren't just good for safety purposes. They also make it considerably easier to back into tight or awkward parking spaces. If you plan on towing a trailer anytime soon, you can even use this technology to quickly line your vehicle up with the hitch and to safely and easily tow your load from place to place.

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